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Add custom merchandise and benefits to the redemption catalog on Empuls

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Your Empuls account comes with a points redemption catalogue. Navigate to Admin > RnR Settings > Manage Stores

Gift Cards

  1. Navigate to Admin > R n R Settings > Manage Stores > Gift Cards

2. You have the option to search for any particular gift card by clicking on the πŸ”Ž icon and entering the Gift type.

3. Click on the filter icon to filter gifts by country, category, and status.

Apply or Reset the chosen settings.

4. You can tick a particular option to Enable or Disable a gift card option.


Let employees pick from a vast catalogue of merchandise from their favourite brands, so they can have something tangible to cherish for a long time. There are 15+ categories with both local and international brands to choose from.

This option is currently available in India, US and UK and it is enabled by default.


Integrate your Amazon business account in 3 simple steps. Our seamless integration allows users to buy from the Amazon store within Empuls.

1) Set up your business account on Amazon.

  • Use the Help link for a detailed explanation on enabling the integration in Empuls. (Enter link)

2) Enter the following information in Empuls:

  • Client ID

  • Client secret

  • Email

  • Order endpoint

3) Click the Authenticate button to complete the integration.

Additional Features

  • You can choose to enable or disable US Amazon.

  • You can also manage products that should not be visible to end users after integration. Restrict categories by selecting from the list of categories to block for users. These categories will not be listed in the store. Categories won't appear in the search results as well.

Use the Help link here to understand step-by-step explanation of enabling this integration -


You can offer a curated collection of gifts personalised with your company's branding so employees can have them as keepsakes and showcase them with pride.

Send in a special request to add SWAG to your organisation's Reward Store.

In-House Catalog

The In-house products tab helps you create your own catalogue items that are relevant to your team's specific needs.

How to Add In-House Catalogue items for points redemption?

  1. Click on Add In-House item to add your custom item to the catalogue.

2) Add a product image, and enter the item name and description. Click on Continue

3) Assign a value to the catalog item. This will define the number of points needed to redeem this item. The equivalent amount in real currency is helpfully shown below so that you can decide on a good price point for the item. Click on Continue

4) Enter any constraints or qualifying factors that would govern the redemption of the budget

5) Click on CONFIRM & SAVE to add the new item to the redemptions catalogue.

You will be able to view the reward point values in terms of the currency you choose

Additional settings

You can disable or delete a listed product by simply selecting a product and clicking on the three dots.

Manage Open Request

  • When a user redeems their points using the In-house Catalogue, the requests are visible under Settings >Rewards & Recognition Settings> Manage Stores > Open Catalogs

  • The Super Admin can take action based on the product availability and update the status with comments.


There are 1000+ experiences to choose from across 40+ categories. Experiential awards are currently available in India.

You can add Experiential rewards to your marketplace and it is enabled by default.

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