Learn how to use the employee perks and benefits platform to improve well-being with exclusive perks, rewards, and wellness programs

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What are Perks under Empuls’ Perks & Benefits Module?

Perks are an employee benefit available on Empuls as part of the Perks and Benefits module. Employees get access to Exclusive Deals, Cashback, Corporate Offers and Discounted Gift Cards from leading online and offline brands. This helps employees maximise savings and extend their paychecks to prioritise their financial well-being.

Investing in your employees' well-being enhances employee satisfaction and drives greater organisational success.

With Empuls Perks, the savings potential is limitless. A US household earning $90K can save over $7,000 through our program, equivalent to a 7.8% raise. Our program is not just about saving money but also about empowering employees to make smarter financial decisions.

You can use Calculate my savings to find out how much you save using Empuls perks.

Here's what you can expect from Empuls Perks:

  • Comprehensive Savings: Avail Discounts on a wide range of expenses, from everyday essentials to luxury indulgences.

  • Quick Launch: Launch corporate discounts, deals, offers, and cashback programs in under 60 minutes.

  • Caters to all employees: A diverse discounts program that caters to the needs of your multi-generational workforce and their families.

Accessing Offers on the Perks Store

Navigate to Benefits from the left menu, and go to the Perks Store. Switch between Exclusive Deals and Discounted Gift Cards to access different options.


Various options available on Perks Store

There are four distinct savings options available at the Perks Store that employees can take advantage of:

1.Discounted Gift Cards

Empuls offers discounted gift cards from over 6,000 local and international brands across 20+ categories, with discounts ranging from 5% to 50%

2. Exclusive Deals

Empuls provides a curated selection of offers exclusively available to your employees. These deals cover various categories, including food, groceries, travel, and more. The list includes top brands in each category and over 100,000 local and international vendors.

3. Cashback

Cashback is offered on purchases across all categories. Employees can filter Gift Cards to see and avail the Cashback feature. They can earn cashback on vouchers and use the cashback earned to redeem on both cashback & discounted vouchers.In this way they can maximize savings by stacking cashback, deals, and discounted vouchers.

4. Corporate Offers

Organisations can prioritise overall employee well-being with corporate offers on the Empuls Perks Store. These benefits encompass all aspects of an employee's life: personal, financial, physical, and mental well-being.

We collaborate with popular brands to provide employees exclusive access to deals and offers, ensuring the best use of their hard-earned money.

Note: We are always looking to expand our offering to meet our customers' requirements; please contact us if you have anything specific in mind.

Currently, we have partnerships with:

2) Ekincare Health Benefits

  • Consumer Electronics:

Through our collaboration with Samsung, your employees have access to an array of offers on Samsung products. Your employees can now access fantastic deals, cashback offers, and other special perks on a wide range of high-quality electronics and appliances.

  • Ekincare Health Benefits:

Improving physical wellness has many benefits, including increased energy levels, reduced sick days, and improved team morale.

Empuls offers exclusive health benefits to employees, including physical and mental wellness support, through a collaboration with ekincare.

  • Nova Insurance Assistance:

Investing in your employees' financial wellness can improve loyalty and productivity, reduce turnover, foster a healthier workplace culture, and enhance company performance.

In addition to the cost-saving deals and discounts through our Perks Store, we've partnered with Nova Benefits to help employees manage their finances effectively and achieve financial stability. Your employees can access free expert advice via Empuls to identify the ideal insurance plan that fits their needs.

Your employees can now send discounted gift cards as gifts to their family and friends .

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