Early Salary For Employees

Get access to earned salary powered by Refyne.

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As part of Empuls Perks and Benefits, the Early Salary program empowers you to meet unplanned expenditures with easy and instant access to earned salary before payday. You can track your earned salary in real time and withdraw it any time before payday, which gets instantly deposited into your bank account. This 100% digital process is designed to be hassle-free and quick, giving you control over your finances. There is no limit on the number of times you withdraw early salary.

Getting Early Salary

Step 1: Navigate to Benefits > Early Salary.

Step 2: Click on Get Started and complete the paperless KYC by sharing your selfie and bank account details. Then, request the amount you need to be disbursed (a part of your salary earned so far). This process is designed to be quick and stress-free, ensuring your financial needs are met without delay.

Step 3: Once the KYC is complete, your salary will be credited to your bank account.

You can request an advance on your current salary and receive the remainder at the end of the pay cycle for that month.

Step 4: You can access your salary history and other details by clicking on the corresponding tab at the top of the page.

We have partnered with Refyne to drive the Salary On-demand program. To know more, view this video:

More details can be found here: [email protected].

Has your company enabled access to Early Salary on Empuls? Request your admin to enable it!

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