Early Wages

Learn all about early access to earned wages and how to enable it on Empuls for employees looking to meet unplanned and planned expenses

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Offering access to early salaries provides employees with a perfect solution for covering emergencies, unplanned expenses, and seasonal and short-term cash needs.


We have partnered with Refyne to simplify your salary-on-demand program through a fully digital process, creating an effortless experience for the organisation and employees. It takes less than 5 minutes for your employees to request and receive cash in their bank accounts. This service is available to all employees.

Note: To enable Early Salary feature on your Empuls Benefits platform, please write in to [email protected].

Quick cash for any purpose

Employee can utilise early wages for any purpose, including the following:

  • Bike & Car

  • Electronics & Gadgets

  • Engagement & Wedding

  • Medical Needs & Emergencies

  • Education & Upskilling

  • Home Renovation

  • Travel & Vacation

  • Home Appliances

  • Kitchen Appliances

Enabling Early Salary

Step 1: Super Admins must share a request with the Empuls support team to enable Early Salary.

Step 2: On receiving a request, an agreement is shared with your organisation.

Step 3: Upon signing the agreement, your organisation's HRMS is integrated with Empuls if it hasn't already been done.

Step 4: Once the above steps are complete, the Early Salary tab reflects on your organisation's Empuls platform under Benefits > Early Salary.

How does it work

Step 1: As soon as the early salary feature is enabled, your organisation's HRMS data is shared with Refyne.

Step 2: Employees no longer need to download the Refyne app since it's integrated into the Empuls platform, saving a lot of time.

Step 3: An employee can request early salary after completing paperless KYC on the Empuls Platform. The salary is disbursed to the employee's bank account in minutes. Learn more here.

Step 4: Empuls will share two reports with Super Admins to track and manage early salary:

  • Payroll deduction report: This will share the employee details and the amount disbursed.

  • Employee utilisation report: This reflects the total salary utilisation percentage of your employees

These two reports will help your organization disburse the remaining salary to employees efficiently and complete the payroll process.

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