Add Users in Bulk

Learn how to add users in Bulk

Add users in Bulk

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    Adding users to Empuls is as easy as uploading your employee master data in. CSV file format.
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    Navigate to Settings >User Access Settings >User Management> Add New User>Add multiple user accounts.
Add Bulk Users
3. Review the Pre import steps. Download the sample file if not done already. Click Next.
4. Attach the CSV file containing the user data. Make sure you have checked the file for data accuracy before uploading it. Click Next to continue.
Upload user data
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Define data
5. Once the user data is uploaded without errors, Click Next to send invites to users.
upload preview
6. All the newly added users will receive an invite to access their Empuls account.
Invite users
7. In case the user's invite will send later, Choose to Send invites later option. However in this case the users will be added to the platform.
8. You can choose to invite your users at a later stage from User Management.
Send invites