Integrating Darwinbox with Empuls for automated user data management

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Why This Integration?

This integration automates user account management in Empuls based on employee data in Darwinbox. It allows you to recognise team members directly and instantly via your existing Darwinbox framework.

With this integration, you can :

  • Add new employees to Empuls automatically as soon as their Darwinbox profile is created.

  • Edit existing employee data in Empuls by updating their Darwinbox profile.

  • Remove exited employees from Empuls based on their exit date in Darwinbox.

Once this integration is enabled, the data will sync between Empuls and your Darwinbox account once every 24 hours.

This article will show you how to set up your Darwinbox integration and launch a strategic recognition spree.

How To Set This Integration Up

Contact your Darwinbox account manager and ask him to share the client details below concerning your Darwinbox account.

Step 1: Provide your Darwinbox credentials:

Admin is required to provide the Darwinbox credentials to connect with the Darwinbox APIs and fetch all employee data.

Contact your Darwinbox account manager to get the below client details concerning your Darwinbox account.

  • Email: Email registered with Darwinbox

  • Domain: HRMS domain name

  • User ID: UID (Unique Identifier)

  • Secret Key

  • Dataset Key[Active]

  • Dataset Key[Inactive]

This step concludes once your Darwinbox credentials are validated. You will be redirected to the next step towards this integration.

Step 2: Map Data Fields

This step allows you to select and map the data fields to be uploaded to your Empuls account. You can do the following in step 2.

  • Select the data fields to be imported to Empuls. All the fields are selected by default. You may uncheck the boxes to unselect specific fields.
    For example, Uncheck the Work Contact Number fields if you do not wish to share this information with Empuls. A few fields, like the First Name, Email ID, and Status, are mandatory and thus cannot be unchecked.

  • Map the data fields on your Darwinbox account to the correct fields on Empuls to configure the platform per your needs.

  • Select date format for Date of Joining & Date of Birth fields to ensure that dates are updated correctly.

Step 3: Define Filtering Criteria

You may add your filtering criteria to avoid account creation for external consultants and test accounts that you may have created on your Darwinbox account.

You can choose to skip this step if irrelevant to your organisation.

Step 4: Schedule Data Sync

You may choose between two Data Sync options:

  • Option 1: Run Date Sync Once Now: Select this option to launch your Empuls immediately. This will create accounts and send invites for all employees.

  • Option 2: Schedule First Data Sync for Later: Select this option to schedule employee account creation to a later date and time. This will help you plan and execute employee account creation on Empuls to coincide with your internal launch announcements.

Step 5: Download data to validate:

Admins can download employee data in CSV format before uploading to Empuls to validate that the data fields are mapped and no record is repeated.

Click on Save & Finish to complete your integration.

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