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Changes to your workspace

Find and move faster between the menus easily with improved navigation.

Updated over a week ago

On 21st December 2023 we made some changes to our navigation menu. It is now easier and quicker to navigate.

Whats changed?

Main navigation menu

The top navigation menu on left now contains the five main product areas represented by icons in a column based title format. You have the Connect & Engage for social intranet, Rewards & Recognize to manage rewards & gifts, Redeem to access the reward store for redeeming reward points, Surveys & Quizzes for gathering insights and Benefits to access exclusive offers for employees.

The bottom of the navigation menu contains the access to manage the platform and measure its impact. You can access the Reports & Insights and Admins settings on this panel.

You can choose to collapse the expanded menu whenever more screen space is needed by clicking on the burger icon on the top left corner.

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