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Learn about the different survey types and how to run surveys on Empuls?

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Empuls surveys are an efficient tool enabling you to create and manage surveys effortlessly, gather employee feedback and provide valuable insights. It is perfect for measuring employee engagement and workplace experience. This guide shows you how to set up surveys and customise questions to get the most out of this powerful tool.

How do we classify surveys on Empuls?

On Empuls, we have multiple surveys with numerous minor variations. To keep things simple, we think about survey classification based on when the survey is being run and why.

1.Measure Engagement with Employee Engagement Surveys

a) eNPS

Measure employee loyalty with the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), a survey consisting of a single question, and receive a breakdown of promoters, passives, and detractors and the company’s eNPS score. It helps you understand employee sentiment with just a single question.

b) Pulse Surveys

The Pulse Survey comprises 11-15 questions to evaluate employee attrition, motivation, team performance, happiness, workplace culture, and workflow efficiency. Both eNPS and Pulse surveys can be run once every quarter.

c) Employee Engagement Surveys

This comprehensive survey comprises 57 questions and is often conducted once a year. It is designed to provide a deep insight into employee engagement. These surveys offer highly detailed analytics, allowing you to understand your employees better. It is recommended to run this survey annually.

2. Enhance employee EX with Life Cycle Surveys.

Life Cycle Surveys contain survey templates that help you collect feedback at every touchpoint in the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to exit. You can use these survey templates to gain insights from employees on their hiring and onboarding experience, your L&D programs, performance appraisal process, DEIB initiatives, HR policies and more.

3. Custom Surveys

You can create surveys from scratch or edit templates from a vast question bank. You can also use it to run custom quizzes as a fun way to engage teams, spread knowledge, or drive friendly competition.

This is an overview of the Surveys page on the platform.

Employee Engagement Surveys

1.1 eNPS and Pulse Surveys

How do I run the eNPS and Pulse Survey?

Step 1: Navigate to Survey > Survey & Quizzes and scroll to Employee Pulse Surveys card to view the default survey templates and edit the already running survey campaigns.

You can create either an eNPS Survey or a Pulse Survey, depending on your requirements.

Step 2: Click on Get Started.

Step 3: Click on Run Survey on the top right to run the survey.

1.2 Custom Pulse Survey

Custom Pulse Survey is an extension of the Employee Pulse Survey in Empuls. Admins can create & manage tailored pulse surveys. The feature allows adding or removing questions from the survey, offering specific insights aligned with the organisation's goals.

Add New Questions:

Admins can include additional questions beyond the standard set when designing a custom pulse survey. These questions can be crafted to gather insights on particular topics, initiatives, or concerns relevant to the organisation. The added questions can cover a wide range of subjects, from employee well-being and engagement to specific projects or changes within the company.

How do I create a Custom Pulse Survey?

Step 1: Navigate to Survey > Survey & Quizzes. You can choose any of the existing eNPS Survey or Pulse Survey templates and customise them to your needs.

Step 2: Click on Browse Templates on the right side to use a template to design a survey.

Step 3: Go to Create from Scratch > Create your Own Pulse Survey and choose the option to Create Your Own Pulse Survey. This will lead you to the customisation interface.

Step 4: Fill in the details, including the name of the survey and its purpose. Once done, click on Continue to proceed.

Step 5: You have two options to add questions:

Option 1: To add from the Question Bank

  • Click on Choose from Question Bank to add questions.

  • Choose the question you want to add from the question bank. Click on the Add to Survey button next to the question you want to include.

Option 2: To add a new question

  • Click on Add Question.

  • To add a new question, fill in the question detail. Then, select the most suitable option by choosing the Engagement Driver and Dimension from the drop-down menus. Once selected, click on Add.

  • Please review your question after adding it, and click on Continue to proceed.

Step 6: You can enable the Allow users to share anything as a feedback option by checking if you want to receive feedback or disabling it if you don't.

Survey Anonymity: You can choose whether to keep the survey anonymous or collect employee details. Select the desired option and proceed.

Then, click on Select Respondents.

Step 7: Invite users across the organisation by using the filters or typing their names individually. Next, click on Send Invites.

Your chosen respondents will receive invitations to participate in the survey via email.

Employee Life Cycle Surveys

Empuls provides a user-friendly platform that offers pre-designed employee lifecycle surveys. These surveys help you gather valuable feedback from your employees at every touchpoint, from onboarding to exit. This platform allows you to gain actionable insights to improve the employee experience, ultimately leading to better business results.

How do I run an Employee Life Cycle Survey?

Step 1: Navigate to Survey > Survey & Quizzes and scroll down to the Life Cycle Surveys card.

Step 2: Here you can view the default Life Cycle Survey templates.

To run a particular survey, click on Get Started.

Step 3: Click on Run Survey on the top right to run the survey.

You can adjust the date by toggling over the calendar and adjusting the period for which you want to run the survey.

Step 4: Check the Survey Settings, which include the survey participants, questions and the time of invitation.

Click on Run Survey.

Other Surveys (Surveys for HR Managers)

HR surveys are a great way to collect employee feedback about the organisation's various initiatives. They provide valuable insights that can be used to improve their overall experience.

With Empuls, you can create your surveys from scratch. Whether you want to gather feedback about an event or new company policies or check in with your employees, Empuls makes it easy and convenient.

Here is a quick snapshot of the Survey and Feedback module on Empuls.

List of Survey Templates available in Empuls

  • Feedback From Manager Survey

  • Reward and Recognition Satisfaction Survey

  • Feedback From Direct Reports

  • Feedback From Peers Survey

  • New Hire Feedback Survey

  • Onboarding Day 30 Survey

  • Training Feedback Survey

  • Performance Review Feedback Survey

  • Manager Effectiveness Survey

  • HR Effectiveness Survey

  • Diversity and Inclusion Feedback Survey

  • Exit Interview Survey

  • Employee Net Promoter Score Survey

  • Employee Pulse Survey

How do I build my own Survey?

Step 1: Navigate to Survey > Survey & Quizzes and click on Browse Templates at the top right corner of the window.

Step 2: Go to Create from Scratch > Create your Own Survey and click on Create from Scratch.

Step 3: Add a name and description to your survey so the invitees know why you are running the survey.

Step 4: You now have the option to add questions either from a question bank or create your own questions.

Option 1: Add from the Question Bank

  • Click on Choose the Question to add questions.

  • Select the question you want to add from the question bank. Click on the Add to Survey button next to the question you want to include.

Option 2: To add your own Questions

  • Click on Add Questions.

Start adding questions to the survey. Empuls supports the following question types:

  • Alphanumeric Multiple Choice

  • Multiple Choice with Images

  • Likert Scale

  • Star Rating

  • Open Text Feedback

Please note: At least one question should be marked as 'Required' to be answered by the survey respondents.

  • After adding questions, choose survey privacy settings to make it anonymous or collect user identity information, depending on your discretion.

  • Finally, invite the survey respondents by adding their names or email addresses directly in the invites box. Empuls also allows you to send the survey to the entire organisation or specific departments, business units, grades, or locations based on the uploaded user data.

  • Invite users across the organisation by using the filters or typing their names individually. Then click on Send Invites.

  • If you exit the survey, it will be saved as a draft and remain in draft mode until you publish it.

How do I Share the Survey Link?

Survey owners can share the link to their surveys with the respondents and other admins. This helps the admins manage the administration of employee life cycle surveys and minimises the duplication of standard, org-wide surveys.

Survey owners can find the survey link under Get Survey Link on the Invite Survey Respondents page.

How do I Edit a Survey?

The Survey tab shows the survey in-use. Start editing a survey by clicking on the

Icon. You can Make a Copy or Delete the survey.

To edit the survey, click on the respective survey and click on the

icon. You may:

  • Edit the survey name and its purpose in the introduction step.

  • Edit/delete a specific question by hovering on the question and clicking on the respective icon on the right-hand side.

  • Add a new question at the end of the survey template.

If the survey is Active, you can edit only the name and description of the survey.

How to Delete a Survey?

Delete a survey by clicking on

icon on the survey you want to delete. Deleting a survey will erase all responses collected. Alternatively, you can set the survey as “Inactive” to hide it from the participants.

Duplicate a Survey

Duplicate a survey by clicking on

icon the respective survey. This option helps you create a duplicate survey with the same configuration and questions.

Other Options in the Survey

Click on a particular survey to explore other options in them:

  • Send Reminders - Send an email reminder to those who haven’t responded to the survey. Click on Send Reminders in the survey you want to send reminders from.

  • Send Invites - Send an e-invite to users who were initially not supposed to take the survey by clicking on the Send Invites button.

  • Collecting Responses -Toggling this option will make the survey Inactive. Changing the status of surveys will not send email reminders to users.

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