Leaderboard Settings

Learn how to manage engagement credits for employee participation on Empuls.

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A leaderboard is a scoreboard that displays the ranking of users based on their activity scores and peer ranking. It creates healthy competition and motivates users to participate more actively. Empuls leaderboard assigns credits for actions like recognition, comments, and other social actions.

You can incentivize leaderboard winners with Spot awards and other rewards and award overall toppers with a rolling trophy.

Here's an example of what the leaderboard will look like for your users:

How to manage the Leaderboard as an Admin?

Step 1: Every action users take on Empuls is linked to engagement credits, which are non-monetary points for measuring employee participation. The cumulative score of these accumulated credits determines the position of an employee on the leaderboard.

Step 2: Navigate to Admin > Other Settings > Manage Leaderboard and select the List of Events option to edit engagement credits for each activity.

Engagement credits

Step 3: Navigate to Admin > Other Settings > Manage Leaderboard > Exclusion List to exclude specific users from the leaderboard rankings by adding them to the exclusion list.

Exclusion List

Step 4: Add the user's name and click Save. These excluded users will not be ranked or incentivised for any activity on Empuls.

Exclusion List

Exclusion List

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