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Collaborate with your colleagues to ace the engagement Leaderboard

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What is a Leaderboard?

A leaderboard measures your efforts to create a positive work environment. You can champion the Leaderboard by contributing your time towards employee engagement initiatives.

Every time you participate on Empuls, you earn engagement credits, and your total score determines your rank on the Leaderboard. The rank is calculated based on the Engagement credits you earn by participating and contributing to the Empuls program.

Acing the Leaderboard is easy! Let's find out how.

How do you view the Leaderboard?

Step 1: Click on Leaderboard in the left menu of your Empuls account.


Step 2: At this step, you can view the monthly and overall Leaderboard rankings, including the Names and Points earned by your colleagues.

Leaderboard rankings

Step 3: Click the filter icon to sort rankings by Department, Location, Action, and Duration. Once you've done this, click on Apply.

Step 4: To learn how to score on the Leaderboard, review the guidelines by clicking on 'Click here to know how to ace the Leaderboard'.

There are five main categories of activities, each with a corresponding credit value. Your score increases with each activity you participate in and credits you earn.

  1. Rewards & Recognition

This category lists engagement credits awarded to users for Rewards and Recognition activities.

Leaderboard Reward & Recognition

2. Conversations and Groups

This category displays credits assigned to users for activities such as starting conversations, commenting, and reacting in a group or on a post.

Leaderboard Groups

3. Greetings

This category displays credits granted to users for greetings, such as congratulating colleagues on their work anniversaries and birthdays.

Leaderboard Greetings

4. Surveys and Feedback

This category shows credits awarded to users for participating in surveys and feedback.

Leaderboard Surveys and Feedback

5 . Log in to Empuls

This category shows credits awarded to users for activities relating to logging into Empuls every day and on the mobile app.

Leaderboard Log in to Empuls

Super Admins can manage Leaderboard Settings from here.

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