Connecting Through Groups

Foster team communication through Empuls groups

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Groups on Empuls are designed for seamless communication and collaboration among team members.

Townhall Group

Townhall is the default group created in Empuls, including all enabled users as members and Super Admins as default admins. Automated posts like Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, and Welcoming New Employees will be posted in this group for public recognition.

Townhall provides a platform for your workforce to come together, communicate, and build community.


Other Groups

Besides work-related groups, you can create community groups based on department, location, project, or interest.

You can create groups on Empuls based on the following:

  • Hobbies

  • Interests

  • Classifieds

  • Community/CSR Activities

  • Sports

  • Knowledge Repositories

  • New Employee Onboarding

You can use groups to

  • Initiate new conversations, add attachments, and comment on posts.

  • Assist with onboarding and welcoming new employees.

  • Find talent through employee referrals.

  • Upskill employees.

  • Create a knowledge bank for employees.

  • Make announcements.

  • Send notifications to all group members.

  • Share greetings and appreciation with your colleagues.

  • Give peer-to-peer awards.

  • Run a poll.

Download our guide on different Groups to Create on Empuls.

Learn how to create and manage groups, add members, and more with our easy guide on "How to Use Groups."

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