Using Groups

Learn how to create, join and manage groups for better communication and collaboration.

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Groups allow you to connect and communicate with colleagues to build a positive work environment.

Learn how to create, join, delete a group, and add members.

Creating a new group

Step 1: Navigate to Home > Groups > See All. It takes you to the View All Groups page.

Create new group

Create new group

Step 2: Click on Create Group and add relevant details in the New Group Details form.

Create new group

Anyone in the organisation can join open groups. Closed groups require approval from the respective group admins.

Adding members to a group

To add members to a group, navigate to > Groups and click on the desired group name. Now follow the steps below to add members to it:

Step 1: Click on ADD MEMBERS under Group Members card at the bottom right corner.

Add group members

Step 2: Enter the email addresses of your colleagues and click on Add. You can use filters to add members from across the organisation.

Add group members

Step 3: Notify new group members via email after you add them.

Great! Now that you know how to create groups, learn how to appreciate your teammates from within groups using value cards and spot awards. Click on the link:

Joining a group

To join a new group, follow the steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Home > Groups > See All to view all the groups you are part of, including those you are not.

Join a group

Step 2: Click on Other Groups tab to view the groups you are not part of.

Join a group

Step 3: This section displays all the groups within your organisation. You can search for a specific group by name or check the list. Click on Join to join a particular group.

Join a group

Note: Employees can immediately join public groups, whereas private groups require approval from the Group Admins.

Leaving and Archiving a Group

If you wish to leave a group you are a part of, navigate to Group Settings > Group information page and click on the

to access the option to Leave Group.

Leave a group

Leave/Archive Group

If you archive a group, group members will not be able to start a new discussion or post comments. Older posts are available for viewing only.

The archived groups are listed under My Groups in View All Groups.

Uses of Groups

  • Start a discussion

Members can initiate discussions in a group, but it's up to the group admins to control the permissions. Click here to manage group settings.

  • Share a message

Members can share messages in the group. The system can also create automated notification posts for Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, and Award-receiving Cards.

  • Tag users or values

To tag a user, use the '@' sign followed by their name. Once you tag them, they'll receive an email notification. If you'd like to tag all the group members, you can tag '@Group'. To attach a Core Value card, use the '#' sign and select the value you want to tag.

Please note that tagging a user in a post will notify them about it.

  • Recognise colleagues

Appreciate your teammates by tagging a defined value card or providing spot recognition.

Learn how to appreciate your colleagues here.

  • Attach files or documents

Attach documents and photos with a maximum size of 10 MB to your posts.

Attaching weblinks on the posts will create a thumbnail.

  • Participate in discussions

You can attach files and leave comments to greet or congratulate your teammates. Group Admins have control over participation rights.

  • Add comments

Adding comments on a post enhances interaction and boosts its visibility.

  • Add reactions

React to a post by agreeing or giving a high five using the following buttons.

  • Share discussions

Group members can share posts with other groups on social media using a shareable link. Additionally, you can share the post with other groups you are part of.

Click on the share Icon

for options.

Share the post

  • Edit / delete discussions or comments

Click on

to see options such as Pin post to the top of all posts in the group or Edit, Report, or Delete a post.

Pin / Delete / Report Post

  • Report abuse

If you see any posts which are against company policies or inappropriate, report them to the group admin.

If you are running out of ideas to create community groups based on interests, download our free resources: Groups to Create on Empuls

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