Learn more about Townhall and how to manage it to suit your needs.

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Townhall Group

Townhall is a default group created in Empuls. All enabled users are automatically a part of it. Super Admins are the default admins of this group.

Automated posts for celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries and welcoming new employees will only be posted in Townhall.

Editing Townhall Group

  1. Navigate to Home > Groups, and click on Townhall or See All to view the group Information.

2. From the cards on the right, click on Group Settings within About this group card to edit the group.

townhall settings

3. Click on the pen icon to edit the group information.

townhall settings

4. Edit the Name, Image, and Description and click on Update.

edit townhall

Content Setting in Townhall

Super Admins can select automated notifications, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, new employees, and leaderboard updates, to share in the Townhall.

  1. On the Group Information page, click and select Content Settings to make the necessary changes. Once done, click on Save Changes.

TownHall Content Settings

Townhall Content Settings

Content Moderation in Townhall

The content posted by users in Townhall is subject to the company’s policies and rules established by the Super Admin.

  1. On the Townhall group information click on More.

Content Moderation

2. Click on Edit to make changes.

Townhall Content Moderation

3. Check/Uncheck a box according to your preferences, then click on Update.

Townhall Content Moderation

Learn more about how to Manage Groups Settings on Empuls:

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