Email Whitelisting

Receive all Empuls emails from your organization's email domain

Updated over a week ago

This feature allows customers to receive all Empuls emails from their own email domain. (See below image)

Here are the steps involved in setting up the whitelisted email domain.

  1. XOXODay uses Sendgrid (Twilio) as our Email Gateway for sending emails.

  2. When a client wants to send emails via their own domain, we need to first "Verify Sender Domain" in SendGrid.

  3. Once added, Sendgrid will provide a few entries to be made in the host DNS file (i.e client's DNS records). These will be random CNAME records and will not conflict with any of the existing records.

  4. Once the client's domain Admin adds those records to the DNS, we will verify the DNS

  5. Once the verification is complete, our sender (Sendgrid) is now authorized to send emails on behalf of your email domain.

  6. The last step is for you to choose some sender email ID. This email ID need not actually have an Inbox as we will not be sending anything to that mail.

  7. We will configure the given sender email ID to be used as the "From" address for future emails.

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