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Get started with Quizzes
Get started with Quizzes

Improve employee engagement, motivation, and productivity using Quizzes.

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Quizzes are an interactive and effective way to educate employees on essential topics, improve skills, and foster a positive work environment.

It builds a strong organisations culture by enhancing employee engagement and making employees feel valued and motivated.

The most effective type of quiz will depend on your organisation's objectives. Examples include questions about company history, values, and mission, quizzes testing knowledge of products and services, and quizzes soliciting employee ideas for workplace enhancements.

Engaging Quiz Ideas

  • Company Trivia

  • Team Trivia

  • Company Terminology

  • Business Updates

  • Training Assessments

  • Function Knowledge

  • Corporate Buzzwords

  • Industry Knowledge

  • General Knowledge

  • Current Affairs

  • Pop Culture

  • Sports Trivia

Building Your Own Quiz

  • Step 1: Navigate to Surveys > General Surveys and scroll down to the Quizzes card.

Create quiz

Step 2: You can create a quiz from scratch or browse templates.

  • Create Your Own Quiz: Go to the General Surveys tab, click on Browse Templates, and then under Create from Scratch click on Create your own Quiz.

Create your own Quiz

Step 3: On the Introduction to the Quiz page add the Title and Description to help respondents understand the purpose of your quiz. Providing the necessary details on this page is particularly useful if you are running a Quiz on a specific topic, such as Information Security Awareness.

Click on Continue.

Intro to Quiz

Step 4: Add questions to the quiz. Include a brief question description, provide the answer options, and indicate the correct answer. Click on Add at the bottom right of the page.

Add Question

Step 5: After adding the questions, proceed to Quiz Settings. You can choose to display correct answers to the respondents and set a Time Duration for the Quiz.

Click on Select Respondents to move to the final step.

Create a quiz

Step 6: To invite respondents to the quiz, add their name or email address in the invites box.

Based on the uploaded user data, you can send the quiz to the entire organisation or Specific Departments, Business Units, Grades, or Locations. Once you have added the recipients, click on Send Invites and wait for the responses.

If you want to avoid inviting respondents via email, share a link to the quiz with them. You can generate the link by clicking on Copy Quiz Link.

Invite Respondents

Delete or Duplicate a Quiz

Navigate to Surveys > General Surveys > and scroll to the Quizzes card at the bottom. Next, go to the particular quiz that you want to delete or duplicate. You can Delete or Duplicate a quiz by clicking on 3 Dots at the top right and then clicking on Delete/Make a Copy.

Deleting a quiz will erase all responses collected. We suggest you set the quiz as “Inactive” to hide it from participants by switching the Collecting Responses toggle off.

Duplicating a quiz helps you create a copy of the quiz with the same configuration and questions.

Delete/Duplicate Quiz

Other Options in Quizzes

Click on a particular quiz under My Surveys & Quizzes section to explore other options.

  • Send Reminders: Send an email reminder to those who are yet to respond to a quiz. You may choose to add a message to the respondents as well.

  • Send Invites: Click on Send Invite to send invites to users initially excluded from the list of survey respondents.

  • Collecting Responses - Switching off the toggle will make the quiz Inactive. Respondents will no longer be able to take the quiz.

Other options

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