Feed Settings

Customise the recommended feed content for your employees.

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Empuls is committed to enhancing employee engagement and communication within your organisation. As an admin, you can customise the content on your employees' Recommended Feed. This feature ensures that messages are visible to the right people.

Steps to Configure Feed Settings

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Billing & Customization > Feed Settings.

Feed Settings

Step 2: Click on this option to access the Feed Settings.

Step 3: The Feed Settings menu contains two options to customise your messages.

Access Feed Settings

Option 1: Recommendations - This section allows admins to customise the message feeds.

How to Edit the Recommendations?

To edit feed settings, hover to the right and click on the pen icon.

  • Nature of Messages: You can define the nature of messages you want to allow or restrict in the recommended feed. Empuls offers various categories and tags to filter messages.

  • Header Selection: To customise your recommended feed, you can correspond to the type of content you want to allow or restrict. Check the box to include a category or tag in the feed and uncheck the box to exclude. Once done, click on Save.

Edit the Recommendations

Option 2: All Updates - When enabled, the “All updates” section will show all the messages that have been published to employees. To turn off this feature, click on the Disable option.

Enable/Disable All Updates

Step 5: Click on Save once you have made your choice.

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