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Bring your entire workforce on a common forum to showcase your unique organisational culture and foster a sense of connectedness.

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Employee Directory

It gives employees access to the company’s employee list and lets them view the company's internal structure.

The employee directory lets:

  • Employees get information about coworkers

  • Search for peers across teams

  • View a team's structure

  • Check the list of all employees

Navigate to Profile Image > Employee Directory. You can also access it by going to Home > Employee Directory.

Learn more here: Employee Directory

Profile Information

The profile page allows employees to showcase their personal and professional details and gives colleagues a peek into their identity.

Editing Profile Information:

Click on the profile picture at the top right corner and click on My Profile in the modal that opens up. You can edit your Profile Picture, Description, Hobbies, Languages, and Skills from here.

You can opt to hide your personal details (birthday, date of joining and contact details) by disabling the visibility.

Account Preference

Employees can customise their Account Settings, including Security Settings, Passwords, Language Settings and notification settings.

To do so, navigate to the profile image and click on Account Preferences from the drop-down menu. Then, click on Change beside the headings to change the settings for your Empuls account.

Note 1: Employees can change their passwords if their organisation follows a password-based login. If it's SSO, then this will not apply.

Note 2: Super Admins can choose to set passwords for others. However, this feature is available only upon request. Please contact your Empuls Account Manager.

For more information, please visit Account Preference

Posts and Announcements

Admins and Super Admins can involve everyone in the organisation, promoting better communication and a positive culture.

Creating a Post

Navigate to Home, select the group where you want to post and click on Post at the top of the group. Type your message and share.

Admins and employees can attach an image or a video, create a poll, and share emojis or GIFs in the post. To do so, click the relevant icon next to the Post button.

Super Admins can control the access to posting and limit certain groups by not allowing employees to post on them.

Various types of content can be shared on the Empuls Social Intranet.


Admins can broadcast company news, customer wins, policy updates and more on various groups.

📢 Admins can make an announcement to all the employees by tagging @group in the Townhall group. This sends a notification to all the employees that they have been tagged in the post.

Polls & Quizzes

It is an excellent way to gather crowdsourced opinions quickly. Organisations can drive awareness and adoption of new and existing company policies by conducting polls and quizzes.




Upload videos highlighting your product, customer testimonials, recent activities or key achievements.



Open the forum for questions from employees to leadership during All-Hands or other essential meetings.

Editing or Deleting a Post

Admins and Super Admins can Edit or Delete a post by clicking on the three-dot icon at the top right of the respective post and selecting the required option.

Pinning a Post

Admins can Pin a post to the top of the newsfeed to feature an important announcement or highlight any content.

Content Feed Personalisation

Super Admins can customise the feed card backgrounds of birthdays, anniversaries, and welcome posts announcing new employees, banners on Wishboards, profile screen banners and backgrounds for the Wall of Fame.

You can further enhance the user experience by managing the feed. Super Admins can also control the content visible to employees by managing Feed Settings.

To know more, visit the link: Managing Feed

Post Reactions

Allow employees to react and engage using comments, likes, GIFs, emojis, and attachments.

Employees can do any of the above by clicking on the icons below each post or Recognition.

Social Sharing

Employees can share their work achievements, company accolades, job listings, and more with their professional network on LinkedIn.


The Leaderboard is a tool that tracks employees' contributions to creating a positive work environment. It lists various actions and the corresponding credits that indicate an employee's contribution. The engagement credits and leaderboard help increase participation in engagement initiatives using healthy competition.

You can promote a specific action by assigning a higher engagement credit. These credits are non-monetary and are used to measure employee participation in Empuls.

To view the Leaderboard ranking, click Leaderboard in the left menu. Alternatively, you can view it at the bottom right of the home screen. You will see the monthly and overall winners.

Super Admins can customise the leaderboard rankings by managing leaderboard settings. Learn more: Leaderboard Settings

Branding & Customisation

Super Admins can personalise their Empuls Platform by selecting a program name, colour scheme, uploading their organisation's logo, feed card backgrounds, and favicon.

Additionally, you can customise the home screen by uploading custom header banner by clicking on "Edit Image" at the top right corner.

For more information on the steps to customise your Empuls platfrom, visit Branding and Customization

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