Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries and new joinees with wishboards

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The Wishboard is a digital alternative to physical bulletin boards. Empuls offers various wishboards for birthdays, work anniversaries, service awards, and new employees so you can celebrate with your team.

To send wishes to your colleagues, navigate to Home and click on the relevant card on the right-hand side of the page.

It's easy to wish a colleague a happy birthday—simply select their name, choose the "Wish" option, and add your message.

You can also send a gift voucher to the recipient after you have published your wish on the wishboard.

Different types of Wishboards

  • Birthday

    Double the joy of celebrating a birthday with personalised greetings from coworkers.

  • New Joinee

    Collate best wishes for new employees welcoming them to the team.

  • Work anniversary / Service Awards

    Collate wishes for employees on their work anniversary and service milestones.

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