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Branding & Customisation

Learn how to customise the Empuls platform to align with the company's brand guidelines.

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This article explains how Super Admins can customise your Empuls Platform by selecting a program name and colour scheme, and uploading your organisation's logo, background image, and favicon.

  1. To update your Program Settings, navigate to Settings > Billing & Customization > Branding & Customization. Click on Edit to update the Program Name and other details.

    Note: Once decided, the programme name will be default in all email notifications to your team.

    Programme Settings

    Edit Programme settings

  2. To update your organisation's branding, click on Edit under the Branding section. You can then Edit or Upload your Program Logo, Login Page Background, Favicon Icon and Bot Avatar.


    Update Branding

  3. To change the platform's colour theme, go to the Platform Theming section and click on Edit. Choose colours and themes aligned with your brand identity.

    Platform Theming

    Theme Selection

  4. As a Super Admin, you can manage notifications sent to users from Empuls by adjusting your preferences.

Customise your home screen banner

Super Admins can customise the home screen by uploading custom banners by clicking on Edit Image at the top right of the banner.

Customise your feed card backgrounds

Super Admins can customise the Feed Card Background and Banner, including the background of birthdays and anniversary posts, the banner on the wish board, the background of leaderboard announcement posts and more.

Navigate to Settings > Billing & Customization > Branding & Customization, and go to Feed Card Background card. Click on Edit Background under the type of post background you wish to change.

Click on Update, once the new background is selected.

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