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Account Preference

Learn to customise your account settings

Updated over a week ago

By managing your account preferences, you can customise your account settings and manage notifications according to your needs and preferences.

Here are some steps to follow for managing your account preferences:

Step 1: Navigate to your profile image and click on Account Preferences from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click on Change next to Password to update your Empuls account password.

Note: The Password can be changed only if you have a password-based login.

Step 3: Modify your Security, Language, and Notification settings on this page.

To switch to a different language, go to Language Settings and click on Change. Then, select your preferred language from a list of available options.

Step 4: You can choose the mediums through which you receive notifications, including Email, App, SMS, and In-Product Status, by managing notification settings.

You may enable or disable a notification by selecting or deselecting a particular box.

Once you have made the necessary changes, click on Save to apply them.

You can manage notifications for the following settings:

  • Groups and Conversations

  • Reward and Recognition

  • Monthly Digest

  • Account Management

  • Product Updates

  • Rewards Catalogues

  • Reminders

  • Surveys and Quizzes

  • Engagement Nudges

  • Catalogue Nudges

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