Wall of Fame

Digital space where employees who receive awards or recognition are highlighted

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The Wall of Fame is a digital space where employees who receive awards or recognition are highlighted. It is a virtual showcase, spotlighting outstanding contributions across departments and teams. With content personalized based on individual preferences, it ensures relevance and engagement for every employee.

This feature is available in 2 modes.

Wall of Fame - Interactive Mode

This mode allows employees to view the list of all rewards and recognitions in the organization or team. Further clicking on each user profile provides details about all the rewards received by the individual. Employees can access this feature by navigating to Recognition > Rewards & Recognize > Wall of Fame.

Admins can configure the settings of the view on Wall of Fame in the feed settings. It can be configured such that employees can view

  • Every recognition across the organisation (all updates)

  • Only those recognitions that are within the same department, business unit, cost centre or common office locations (recommended)

  • Both, with both the above settings enabled

Wall of Fame - TV mode

With the TV mode you can showcase the achievements of the employees across various digital displays like TVs in the lobby, Conference hall, and town halls.

How to access the TV mode?

The digital display mode is accessed through a web URL that is generated by the Empuls team on request. Please reach out to [email protected] or your account manager for this link.

How can this link be published on digital displays across the organization?

Your IT team should be able to publish this web URL on digital displays from the admin console of the app controlling the digital displays. Alternatively, screensaver apps can be used to publish the web URL of individual television screens.

Can I control the content visible in the digital display mode?

Yes, the web URL can be modified to show or hide any specific content. Here are the configurations;

  • Show/Hide recognitions with control of 7 - 90 days old recognitions.

  • Show/Hide new joiner introductions with control of 1 - 7 days old new joiners

  • Show/Hide birthday celebrations of the day

  • Show/Hide work anniversary celebrations of the day

This auto-rolling web page can be configured to showcase the recognitions of up to 90 days, new joiner introductions of up to 7 days, and daily birthday and work anniversary celebrations.

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