Jury-based Awards

A decentralised way of selecting winners for awards

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Use jury awards if you would like a jury (a panel of employees) to select award winner(s). A Jury Panel consists of a group of leaders or employees responsible for shortlisting the most deserving candidates for an award.

  • This feature is available on demand. Please reach out to [email protected] if you wish to use this feature.

How does it work?

1. Nominator

The nominator can nominate his colleagues, direct reports, or himself (based on the award rules defined by the Admin) for the award by stating why the nominated user(s) deserves the award.

The nominator may be asked to provide a justification (free-form text) or answer specific questions mandated by the admin to accept nominations.

2. First-Level Reviewer

The first-level reviewer filters the nominations to eliminate duplicate and subpar submissions.

He/She either approves the nomination and forwards it to the next level or declines it to stop the nomination.

3. Jury Panel

A jury panel is a group of users responsible for shortlisting the most deserving nominations for an award. The jury panel members share their opinion by rating the nominations on a 10-point scale.

Each member can read the justification provided by the nominator to arrive at the decision (see the preview below). Once jury members rate all the nominations, their opinion is conveyed to the moderator.

4. Moderator:

The moderator is responsible for approving the nominations based on ratings from the jury panel members. The moderator can approve one or more nominations based on the budget available for the award.

The moderator can view the nominations once the first-level approver approves them. The moderator will begin viewing the ratings for all the nominations when the jury panel members start rating the nominations (see image preview). The moderator can then shortlist the top 1 or more nominations for approval and approve them individually to announce the winners.

The budget points are deducted from the moderator's account and credited to the winner's account as rewards. The moderator can then decline all other nominations which were not shortlisted.

When to Use?

We recommend using jury-based awards in the following situations:

  • The award is given to the top 1% of the organization in a year.

  • The selection of winners is assigned to a group of senior employees like CXOs, BU Heads, etc.

  • The award is issued half-yearly or annually.

Sample Templates for Jury-based Awards

a) Employee of the Year

Objective: To recognise the employee who has taken the organisation closer to its mission and vision by displaying organisational values.

Evaluation Criteria: The employee must be personally and independently responsible for the success of a project or an initiative that has resulted in the organisation's growth.

Questions to answer:

  1. What organisational value has the employee displayed?

  2. When and how did the employee demonstrate the organisational value that led to a successful outcome?

  3. What is the impact of the employee's contribution towards organisational goals?

b) Sales Champion of the Year

Objective: To motivate the high sales achiever who contributed most towards the organisational revenue goal.

Evaluation Criteria: The employee must have achieved targets set for himself and contributed to the targets achieved by his team.

Questions to answer:

  1. What is the employee’s revenue target vs achievement?

  2. What is the employee's share of the overall revenue target for the team?

  3. Why does the employee deserve to be the Sales Champion of the Year?

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