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Revoke awards or gifts

Learn how to revoke awards & gifts sent to employees

Updated over a week ago

In case of disputes, changes, or human error, if reward points or gifts need to be taken back (revoked), it can be done by the Super Admin in a few simple steps.

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Rewards & Recognition Settings > Revoke Awards or Gifts.

  2. Select the date range between which the reward has to be revoked.

  3. Click on the reward and then click Revoke to initiate the process of revoking.

When you revoke an award or gift, the following things occur:

  1. Points are revoked back to the nominator's account.

  2. The message posted on the group is deleted.

  3. The award status is updated in the reports.

  4. A notification is sent to the award recipient to inform them of this change.

  5. The nominator is notified regarding the revoking of the award.

  6. If the nominator is disabled, Empuls can revoke the points back to a different user's account.

An award or gift cannot be revoked if the associated points are redeemed, even partially, by the employee.


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