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Introduction to Awards

Learn more about various awards on Empuls.

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What are awards in Empuls?

An award is a form of recognition that includes a badge, a certificate, and the option to include a monetary value. You can give awards to anyone in your organisation, including team members, managers, and colleagues, to acknowledge their hard work or positive attributes. However, granting awards may be subject to certain restrictions defined by the Super Admin.

Types of Awards

Empuls supports different award configurations, and the primary configuration includes the process followed for issuing awards. These awards are classified as Spot Awards and Approval-based Awards.

Other configurations include:

  • Option to give an award to an individual, team, or both.

  • Option to give award givers the power to decide the monetary value of the recognition or to assign a fixed value.

  • Option to attach a certificate.

1. Spot Awards

Spot Awards are great for in-the-moment recognition. Use this option when you want to allow award givers to give awards without approvals.

This award supports all configurations mentioned in the previous section.

2. Approval-based Awards

Use approval-based awards when you want employees to nominate colleagues for awards that need approval. The two variations available for approval-based awards are explained pictorially below.

2.1 Simple Approval-Based Awards

These awards allow HR to set up a review workflow before the awards are issued. This is achieved via four types of persona.

  • Nominator: A person who identifies the individual or team that deserves an award and submits this as a nomination for a given award.

  • Nominee: The individual or a group of employees nominated for an award. These users will not be informed about this nomination process.

  • First-level Approver: He/she reviews the nomination to decide if it deserves to be awarded. If so, he/she will approve the nominations to move forward.

  • Final-level Approver: They will be the final authority deciding the status of award nominations. They can only approve the nomination if a budget is assigned to send out the monetary award.

2.2 Jury Approval-based Awards

This award type is available only for the enterprise version of Empuls. Please contact your account managers/CSM if you wish to introduce these awards.

Here is a pictorial representation of jury-approved awards. Click here (add a link to jury-approved awards) to learn more about these awards.

Point Distribution Type

Point type can be changed from fixed to a range of points.

  • Fixed: The reward points will remain the same for all recipients.

  • Range: The nominator must reward points within the range specified by the admin. This is applicable only for Spot Recognition.

Set up the award

Super Admins can set up an award. Read about setting up an award in Manage Awards.

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