Give Award Nominations

Learn to nominate teammates for Nomination-based awards.

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Employees highly value organisational awards which carry a monetary value. Such awards reinforce positive behaviour and encourage individuals to perform their best.

You can motivate colleagues by nominating them for awards.

Here's how you can submit award nominations:

Step 1: Navigate to the group where you and your colleague (Nominee) are members. Click Recognize in the feed box.

Nomination based awards

Step 2: Enter your colleague’s name or email address. Click on Next.

Nomination based awards

Step 3: Select any award that requires approval. Click on the award to learn more about its purpose and criteria.

Select any award that needs approval

Select an approver from the list of individuals authorised by your admin. Once you have made your selection, click on Next to proceed.

Nomination based awards

Step 4: Add a message of appreciation for your colleague which will be shared publicly and reinforce the value of the award.

Add a citation and select the approver.

Step 6: Review the nomination summary on right before sending it for approval. When you are ready, click on Submit for Review.

Great work! You now know how to nominate your colleagues for approval-based awards.

Wait for the approver to reviw your nomination, and you will receive a notification once it has been processed.

If you're the designated approver for an award, here's how to approve or decline nominations:

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