Appreciate Your Colleagues

Recognise your teammate's efforts by giving them awards.

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Recognise Your Colleagues

Recognise your colleague’s efforts by giving them awards.

An effective way to thank colleagues is by publicly acknowledging their contributions.

Sharing recognition with colleagues can strengthen workplace relationships, boost morale, and improve engagement in the workplace. Lead by example and give a shout-out to your colleagues by recognising them.

How do you recognise colleagues:

Step 1: Navigate to the group where you want to share recognition with your teammates. Click on Recognize in the feed box.


Step 2: Enter the name or email address of your colleague. Click on Next to proceed.

Enter your teammate's name or email

Step 3: Select any Spot/Approval Award or Core Value to recognise your colleague’s achievement. Click on the award to learn more about its purpose. Once you have made the choice, click on Next.

Select any award or core value

Step 4: Add a few words of praise or select an auto-generated message. The recognition will be shared publicly to reinforce the value of appreciation.

Step 5: Preview the appreciation on right side before sharing it with others in the organisation. Finally, click on Share Recognition.

Add a few words of praise

Great! You have made your colleague’s days. Let them enjoy the recognition that follows.

Learn how to Submit Award Nominations that require approval, here.

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