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Learn how the BambooHR and Empuls Integration works and helps automate Employee Engagement, Recognition & Rewards

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Seamlessly integrate BambooHR with Empuls for swifter and automated user data management.

Why This Integration?

Integrating BambooHR with your Empuls account helps you seamlessly sync data. All real-time employee data changes on your BambooHR account reflect automatically on your Empuls account through this integration, bolstering your efforts to appreciate and recognise your team members.

With this integration, you can:

  • Add new employees to Empuls automatically as soon as their BambooHR profile is created.

  • Edit existing employee data in Empuls simply by updating their BambooHR profile.

  • Remove exited employees from Empuls based on their exit date in BambooHR.

  • Import employee birth dates and start dates so you can celebrate these special days with automated greetings and gifts.

Once this integration is enabled, the data will sync between Empuls and your BambooHR account once every 24 hours.

How To Set This Integration Up?

Step 1: Configure custom report

Create a new report in your BambooHR account, which captures the below user data.

Step 2: Create system user

Create a new user for Empuls in your BambooHR account. This user should be a non-employee system user and should have access to the report created in the previous step.

Step 3: Provide your BambooHR credentials:

Feed in your BambooHR Domain name and click on Continue BambooHR setup.

We need the following details to configure the integration between BambooHR and Empuls.

  • BambooHR Tenant ID - This is the domain / tenant name that you use to access BambooHR.

  • Base64 Encoded API Key - API Key would be created by Base64 encoding the username and API key. Base64(<API_Key>:<UserName>) ex. Base64("iuqhedieahrdyr9823y:[email protected]"). Use this tool to encode.

  • Report Input XML - This will contain the field names that you have used for creating the custom report. ex;
    <report><title>hrms</title><fields><field id="firstName" /><field id="lastName" /><field id="employeeNumber" /><field id="firstName" /><field id="lastName" /><field id="birthday" /><field id="workEmail" /><field id="email" /><field id="hireDate" /><field id="jobTitle" /><field id="supervisorEmail" /><field id="department" /><field id="location" /><field id="status" /><field id="employmentHistoryStatus"/></fields></report>

This step concludes credentials are validated. You will be redirected to the next step towards this integration.

Step 4: Map Data Fields

This step allows you to select and map data fields to be uploaded to your Empuls account. You can do the following in step 3. The data that you receive will depend on the permissions you have granted in the custom report.

Step 5: Schedule or Run Now

Finally, you can choose to schedule the integration to start from a future date/time or run immediately. Once enabled, the integration will automatically run daily to sync data from BambooHR into Empuls.

Step 6: Download data to validate:

Admins can download employee data in CSV format before uploading to Empuls to validate that the data fields are mapped and no record is repeated.

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