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Create and Manage Employee Groups

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What are Groups in Empuls?

Empuls groups allow employees to communicate and collaborate easily. Users can create work or interest-based groups to engage in meaningful conversations.

Why do we use groups?

Groups are spaces for users to have conversations with relevant stakeholders. These discussions can revolve around tasks or plans for group members to review, award and recognise colleagues and share important announcements or polls to collect user opinions.

Creating a new group on Empuls

Any active/enabled user can create a group on Empuls. However, Super Admins can restrict the creation of groups to managers/admins under Access Control Settings.

Step 1: To create a custom group, navigate to Groups > See All > Create Group.

Step 2: Fill in details like Name, Description and Membership Restrictions. Click on Create Group.

Create group.

Managing Group Settings

  • View groups

Step 1: Admins can manage group settings by navigating to Home > Groups > See all and selecting the desired group.

Step 2: Click on Group Settings from within the About this group card on the right.

  • Edit Information

Click on the pen icon to Edit the Group Information. Edit the Name, Image, and Description, then click on Update.

  • Manage Privacy Settings

Group Admins can control the group's privacy settings by choosing between Public or Private options.

  • Content Moderation in Groups

Group Admins can control the type of content that group members post. For instance, they can disable members' ability to initiate discussions or add comments.

Note: Group Admins exercise complete control over the type of content that group members can post.

Step 1: Navigate the group information page and click on More to access content settings.

Step 2: Click on Edit.

Step 3: Select or deselect the necessary boxes, then click on Update.

Content Moderation

  • Archive, Leave or Delete a Group

Click on the three dots icon on the Group Information page and select the desired option.

  • Manage Membership Settings

To automatically add members to a group, follow these steps:

On the Group Information page, navigate to More > Edit and scroll to Auto Added Members, add filters to determine which members to add to the group automatically.

Note: Users meeting the criteria are automatically added to the group once the filters are set.

Learn how to add or delete group members from here.

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