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Add direct access to important links for your employees

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As a Super Admin, you can add quick links on Empuls, that direct employees to relevant pages.

  1. To get started, navigate to Quick Links on the platform's left menu.

How to add quick Links

How to add or edit quick links

2. Once the screen displays all the added links, click the pen icon next to Quick Links to edit them.

how to add or edit quick links

3. Edit the Link URL, Link Name, and Link Description.

4. Enable audience targeting by clicking the pen icon and selecting Everyone or Specific Users. Finally, click on Save.

how to add or edit a quick link

5. Super Admins can add Quick Links by clicking the + icon to add the link details. Finally, click on Add Link. The Quick Links will show in your employees' Empuls account, depending on your target audience.

how to add or edit a quick link

You can add links to your HRMS tool for attendance regularisation, share important announcements, and provide links to essential documents.

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