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Set up product based Awards and Gifts
Set up product based Awards and Gifts
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Empuls helps you set up awards and gifts by creating gift cards and merchandise collections from across 20+ categories to give to your employees. Collections provide the flexibility to reward or gift employees with merchandise and gift cards, replacing the conventional points system.

Set up product based Awards

Step 1: To create a new award, navigate to Admin Settings > Rewards and Recognition Settings > Awards, Values & Gifts > Create Award.

Step 2: After selecting the award type, you'll need to fill in award details like the name, description, image, and recipient type. Once you've finished adding the details, click on Continue.

Step 3: Go to Configure Rewards Card.

Under 'Would you like to add a gift to the event?' select Yes, Add Products from Store.

Step 4: Once you select this option, it displays the Select Collection option; click on Continue.

Step 5: You can select a collection from the Collection(s) list or Create New Collection.

  • Select the country of your choice by clicking on the country name.

  • You can opt for Gift Cards, Merchandise, or a mix of both to create your collection. You can filter options across 20+ categories, including Food, fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Baby care, and more. Click on Add next to the product option you want to add to the collection.

Step 6: Products added to the collection display on the right side of the platform. Once you have reviewed the collection, click on Next.

Step 7: Under the About this collection page, fill in the details like Name, Purpose, and Maximum spend. Once you've done this, click on Save. This will help you use the same collection for future use cases.

Step 8: This will take you to the Create Rewards page. Click on Continue.

Step 9: Define nominee, nominator, and approver eligibility criteria. These settings allow the super admin to restrict awards to specific groups of users by setting up constraints on the nominator, nominee, and approver eligibility.

Click on Continue.

Step 10: Make the Approver selection and click on Continue.

Confirm and update that your setup is complete.

Set up product-based Gifts.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Rewards and Recognition Settings > Awards, Values & Gifts > Gifts & Prizes tab and click Add New Gifting Event.

Step 2: Select from existing event templates or Create New Event. Mention the details about the Gifting Event like Event Name, Title and Message.

Step 3: In the next step, configure the gift. You can add a merchandise collection and a gift voucher to set up a product-based gift. Select the 'Yes, Add Merchandise Collection' and click on Select Collection.

Step 4: Finally, define who can send this gift and the stakeholders to be informed of the process. Once done, click Finish Setup.

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