Give Awards

How-To guide on giving awards or award nominations to your teammate(s) on Empuls.

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An excellent way to motivate your peers is to celebrate their achievements by rewarding them. Give an award to your teammates by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the group where you want to share the award with your colleague.

  • Click on Recognize in the group's message box.

  • Select your teammate(s), you want to award.

  • Choose the Award or Core value best suited for their achievements and Preview the post on the right side, and click on Next .

  • Write a few words of praise or choose from the predefined message from Empuls.

  • Finally, share the award or appreciation by clicking on Share Appreciation. The award will be successfully posted on the group.

Note: Only the awards mapped to both the nominator and nominee will be displayed in the list of awards for the nominator.

If the Award is approval based , once the approver reviews and approves , the award is posted on the group.

That's all about awarding your teammates. In the next section, we will see how to allocate budgets to teammates to reward other team members.

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