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Set up awards, values & gifts
Set up awards, values & gifts

Define your R&R framework by configuring awards and linking core values to recognition.

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With Empuls, create awards and value cards relevant to your R&R program needs and roll them out instantly to the entire organisation.

Manage awards

Create, configure, and delete awards in just a few steps.

Create, configure and edit customized awards to motivate teams and recognize individual achievements. With Empuls, you can tailor your awards to match your organisational goals and objectives.

Create a new award

To create a new award, navigate to Admin settings > R&R Settings > Awards, Values & Gifts > Create Award

  1. The first step is to select the type of award you wish to create. Here are the three options:

    1. Spot Award: Instantly recognize outstanding performance and motivate employees with spot rewards. This is a great option when you wish to create an award that does not require prior approval.

    2. Award that needs approval: This is best suited for high-value awards linked to long-term goals. Opt for this option when the award needs to go through an approval process before being given to the awardee.

    3. Award that requires a Jury Panel's review: Choose this award for recognizing outstanding achievements or setting up a people's choice award. The 10-point scale rating by jury members guides the moderator in shortlisting and recognizing the best of all the nominations received.

  2. After selecting the award type, you’ll need to fill in award details like the name, description, image, and recipient type. Once you’ve finished adding the details, click Continue.

An award recipient can be an individual, a team, or kept flexible, allowing the award presenter to decide.

3. The next step is to configure the reward where you can choose to reward points or gift-cards and merchandise. You can customize reward points based on the award type and objective.

For spot awards, the points can either be fixed or have a defined range.

Fixed: This award consistently assigns the same points each time it is given, and the award presenter cannot modify this allocation.

Range: The super admin can set the award's minimum and maximum points range. The award presenter can allocate points within this predefined range when presenting the award.

For team rewards, the super admin can either distribute the configured points equally among all team members or choose the option for each recipient to receive the configured point(s) independently.

Attach Certificate: Use this option to attach a certificate template to your award. Certificates are configurable and get populated with the awardee’s details automatically.

You can also choose to add Products from the store: Collections provide the flexibility to reward or gift employees with merchandise and gift cards, replacing the conventional points system.

You can either select a collection from this list or create a new collection from scratch.

4. Define the nominee, nominator, and approver eligibility criteria.

These settings allow the super admin to award anyone or restrict awards to specific groups of users by setting up constraints on the nominator, nominee, and approver eligibility.

Let’s look at two examples to simplify the process:

Example 1:

Your company has a ”Jerry Maguire” award for the best performer across the Sales department. Nominations can be submitted by first-line managers and require approval from the VP of Sales. The settings for each field should be configured as shown below.

Example 2:

ABC Corp. presents the ”Herman Boone” award to promote excellence among people managers. All employees, except for the vice presidents, are eligible for this award. Nominations can be submitted by anyone within the organisation, and final approval rests with either the CEO or the COO.

Use OR when matching ANY of the clauses is sufficient for eligibility. Use AND when matching ALL of the clauses is necessary for eligibility.

Advanced Settings - Some advanced features allowed in the award setup are as follows:

A. Set Questions for Nominator - You can create a set of questions for the nominator to answer, such as why they believe the nominee deserves this award. You can set up to 20 questions in multiple-choice or short text-based formats.

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B. Nomination Validity - You can set a validity period, after which open nominations are automatically declined.

C. Self Nomination - When enabled, this allows a nominator to nominate themselves for an award.

D. Notify Stakeholders - You can specify the stakeholders you wish to notify when the award is given. This can include relations with the manager, HRBP, department head, etc.

E. Award Visibility - You can choose to post the award publicly on the feed or keep it private so only the sender and the receiver can view it.

F. Team Size - It enables you to choose the team size, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50 members.

Click Confirm and Create to complete the Award setup

Note that the awardee’s teammates are notified through email and other notifications to crowdsource wishes for the award recipient.

Set up a reward budget

Once the award is created, you’ll have to assign a budget. While this can be done later, completing the setup together is recommended.

A. Link the award to an existing budget

This option is only available if you’ve previously set up awards using Empuls. It’s most suitable when using a common budget across multiple rewards.

B. Create a an exclusive budget for this award

Best suited for when you want to restrict the budget usage exclusively to a specific award.

  1. Create a new budget with the name and description, and link it to the award. Set validity for the budget in case you wish to retract the distributed points from users. Click Next to continue.

  2. The next step is to assign these budget points to users. You can individually type their names or choose users from the filter. Preview the budget summary on the right side of the page and click Assign Reward Budget to continue.

  3. Once the budget points are distributed, you will receive a confirmation with the summary. Click Close to complete the process.

C. Assign points to the user’s personal budget

This option is best suited when you want to give budget owners the flexibility to use budget points for any award.

  1. You can assign Budget points to users by either typing their names individually or selecting them from the filter. Preview the Budget summary on the right side of the page, then click Assign Reward Budget to proceed.

  2. Once the points have been distributed, you will receive a confirmation summary. Click close to complete the setup. You can also download this summary for your records.

Click here to learn more about creating and managing organisational budgets.

Edit an Award

To edit an award, navigate to Admin settings → Rewards & Recognition Settings → Awards, Values & Gifts → Awards.

The entire list of enabled awards is available here, and you can choose to edit any of them by hovering over the award and clicking on the edit icon.

Make the necessary modifications and click Confirm and Update to save your edits.

The award type cannot be changed.

Additional Settings

Navigate to Admin settings → Rewards & Recognition Settings → Awards, Values & Gifts → Awards.

Hover over any of the awards and click on the three dots. This will allow you to check eligibility, enable, disable, make a copy, or delete an award.


  • On disabling an award, users will no longer be able to give/nominate for the disabled award. All previously submitted nominations remain and can be approved/declined by the respective reviewers.

  • Deleted awards will continue to be linked to their respective budgets and any pending nomination approvals will remain active until an action is taken by the reviewer/approver.

Bulk Awards

Navigate to Admin settings → Rewards & Recognition Settings → Awards, Values & Gifts → Awards.

Only spot awards can be distributed in bulk, which can be done by uploading a CSV file. Download a sample file template using the below process. Then, fill out the sheet, upload it and proceed to Select the budget from which reward points will be deducted.

Note: In a range-based award, the points have to be entered in a separate column.

Manage Core Values

Set up a core value card

Value cards represent the core values of a company and desired behaviours you want to recognize and reinforce at work.

  1. To define these values, navigate to Admin Settings > Rewards & Recognition Settings > Awards, Values & Gifts > Core Values Tab.

  2. You can either choose from existing value badges or click on Add Core Value to create a custom core value.

  3. Fill out the core value name, description, and hashtag. When you upload an image, make sure you adjust and crop the image appropriately. Once done, click Save.

  4. The new value card will be added to the core value cards list.

Additional Settings

  1. To disable, edit, or delete a core value card, navigate to Admin Settings > Rewards & Recognition Settings > Awards, Values & Gifts > Core Values Tab.

  2. Once here, click on the

    icon next to the core value and select the action of your choice.

Manage Gifts

Celebrate professional and personal milestones with the power of rewards and greetings in Empuls. Automate reminders for birthdays and work anniversaries to ensure you never miss an opportunity to make someone feel special.

Transform holidays and festivals into memorable occasions by creating personalized gifts and wishes. You can further simplify distribution based on geography or departments as well.

  • If points are added to a gift, these points will be deducted from the gift owner's budget.

  • Navigate to Settings > Rewards and Recognition Settings > Awards, Values & Gifts to manage all your gift settings.

Set up a gifting event

  1. Navigate to Settings > Rewards and Recognition Settings > Awards, Values & Gifts > Gifts & Prizes tab and click Add New Gifting Event.

  2. Select from existing event templates or create your own. Our AI bot will automate editable email content for existing templates, while you can create custom emails for new gifting events.

  3. At the next step, configure the gift if required. You can either assign reward points, add a merchandise collection, or choose it to be non-monetory.

  4. Finally, define who can send this gift and the stakeholders to be informed of the process. Once done, click Finish Setup.

    Additional settings

    All the gift cards created will be shown on the gift dashboard. You can edit or delete a gift by clicking the three dots icon on each gift card.

Send gifts

  1. To send users gifts, navigate to Home > Recognition > Send Gifts in the left column and select the Send Gift button at the top right corner of the page.

  2. Select the event for which you wish to send the gift, then click Next.

  3. Enter email IDs manually, copy and paste them, or effortlessly upload a CSV file containing the user emails for those who will receive the gift.

  4. Review the gift summary, and if everything appears correct, simply click Send Gift to deliver the joy.

  • You can automate sending rewards and gifts for special days like Birthday, Anniversary, welcoming a new team member, or adding a new event from scratch.

  • Want to automate sending gifts? Use the Automated Greeting Section

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